Building Value

Self-made multiple business owner, investor, value builder, creative finance professional and innovator.

Described as focused, determined and unique as well as being inspiring, loyal, driven and empathetic.

Craig Alexander Rattray was born into a council flat in 1970, worked three paper rounds from the age of 13 and established his first commercial venture at the age of 15 selling discount sportswear to fellow pupils. He self-financed his first car at the age of 17, was the first in his family to go to university, financing that by working in McDonalds, and bought his first house when only 20.

More than 30 years later he is still creating businesses, leading business owners in growing the value of their company and guiding fellow entrepreneurs on their journey.

Craig Alexander has significant expertise in helping business owners with the vision and drive to grow their company, and help develop and implement effective growth and exit strategies, building value and providing freedom in terms of time, stress and money.

He understands the loneliness of the business owner; the demands on time; the uncertainty; nobody caring as much; nobody doing it as well; how to grow; how to fund; how to exit.  He has been there and gone through it.

Craig Alexander has a reputation for achieving results others were unable to, and is often the missing piece of the jigsaw for forward thinking business owners focused on value enhancement.  His business mantra is all about looking after people, and improving profitability, cashflow and shareholder value.

He is a proud husband, father, and grandfather.

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Who am I

A Chartered Accountant by training, Craig Alexander received offers from all of the big six global firms and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1994 with significant corporate finance experience.

Six years in private equity and venture capital followed with significant gains made in multiple investments.

The next ten years included spells in industry working for a New York Stock Exchange listed company, partnership with a former colleague in SME corporate development, and a role as full-time consultant (Group CFO/Corporate Finance Director) to a British Virgin Island’s based group of companies focusing on investment in commercial and industrial property, leading investment transactions of over €1 billion over six months.

Other roles included Finance Director of a struggling transport and logistics group, and director of a successful business management and corporate finance boutique.

In 2009 Craig Alexander established his own consultancy/investment company and has continued to focus on improving profitability, cashflow and shareholder value.

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What do I do

Craig Alexander focuses on his two main personal companies:

Craig Alexander Rattray Limited trading as CR Corporate Solutions ( provides part-time Finance Director/Chief Financial Officer/Non-Executive Director roles for growing and ambitious companies with good operational teams.  These roles provide strategic financial and commercial solutions, as well as advice on finance raising for growth and exit.

Excolo33 ( provides value building solutions through the Value Builder System™ and a variety of options ranging from one-to-one work to MasterMind groups.

Craig Alexander is also a director/shareholder of various other UK based companies and has clients/projects in USA, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, South Africa, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Australia.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

As an award winning Enterprise Partner for the University of Strathclyde, Craig Alexander was responsible for mentoring and coaching students and staff with an interest in entrepreneurship by providing financial and strategic advice.

His Key Achievements & Responsibilities included:
▪ Winner of the Enterprise Partner Award in 2012/2013.
▪ Mentored, coached and advised a winning entry in four annual Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards competitions.  This was a UK wide competition with only three awards each year.

Craig Alexander developed business opportunities for entrepreneurs through one-to-one sessions and workshops to unlock potential and growth, and devised effective business strategies, and successfully established and helped to fund numerous market-leading businesses through the securing of external finance, grants and awards.

Craig Alexander remains involved with some of these successful companies.

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