Recommendations for Craig Alexander Rattray

I have been working with Craig Alexander for only two months and the changes to me and my business are amazing.  He is truly inspirational and exudes energy.  I have already freed up time and can see the building blocks of value taking shape.  I am excited to continue the journey with him.

Business Owner

The Mastermind group with Craig Alexander is first class.  It is full of passion, energy and great advice not only from Craig Alexander, but from the other members that have clearly been picked carefully. I was sceptical over working in a group format, but that scepticism has gone and I do not see me going back to one-to-one formats in the future.  Craig Alexander not only speaks from knowledge and vast experience, but from a deep rooted passion for what he does.

Business Owner

Craig Alexander Rattray

Craig Alexander is an experienced financial professional, a good communicator with a broad knowledge of business and how to add value. I sit with him on the investee company Board and highly appreciate the robustness and rigour with which he provides us with timely financial data and sound projections to enable agile decision making.

President, North America and Executive Committee Member, FTSE 100 Company

I've had the pleasure of working with Craig Alexander with two clients recently. Craig Alexander brings a wealth of financial knowledge and fiscal discipline to new and established businesses which require assistance to achieve their growth potential. Craig Alexander is a first class communicator who provides clear and concise information that can be easily understood, saving clients time and money! I have no hesitation in recommending Craig Alexander to any potential clients, he always acts in their best interests and delivers on his promises.

Business Owner

I worked with Craig Alexander on a long term project recently. Craig Alexander is a very experienced and knowledgeable Finance Director, always full of ideas and solutions. He is an excellent team player and communicator, with a great sense of humour. He is passionate about his work and his clients - going above and beyond to help them when needed. I am looking forward to our next project together!

Business Owner

I have known Craig Alexander for many years and he is very experienced Chartered Accountant and has gained tremendous commercial experience working with a variety of corporates, both large and small. Craig Alexander is client centric and is not afraid to burn the midnight oil to ensure clients requirements are met. Craig Alexander is also very personable and seeks to please wherever he can. 

Director, Big Four Accounting Firm

We have worked with and known Craig Alexander for a number of years now. Craig Alexander is professional, approachable, and responsive, and has proved to be a trusted advisor for businesses across a wide range of sectors. He takes time to understand the client's business and their requirements whether they are experiencing some distress or looking to grow and expand into different areas.

Director, Large Accounting Firm

I have worked on a few projects with Craig Alexander and have always had a really good experience. Craig Alexander looks after his clients well and gives really clear actionable advice. I have always found Craig Alexander to be unassuming and good fun. I have also taken advice from Craig Alexander myself and Craig Alexander quickly identified what I was looking to do and we chatted through options. By the end of the meeting I knew exactly what I needed to do. Thanks Craig Alexander and I look forward to working together again in the future.

Owner, Accounting Firm

I would describe Craig Alexander as the consummate professional, who offers so much more than the average Chartered Accountant, under-pinned by an extensive corporate finance and fund-raising background. He works tirelessly until the project requirements are met, weekends and all, his work ethic is incredible. I would classify Craig Alexander as a trusted advisor, friend and confidant, I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Craig Alexander to any board, of any size and scale. 

Business Owner

I've known Craig Alexander for a number of years and have always found him to be practical in his thinking, committed, enthusiastic and genuine in his ambition to help businesses. He works well with all parts of an organisation and you will most likely get more value added than what you pay for.

Area Director, Major Bank

I can't endorse Craig Alexander highly enough. He is a very diligent, innovative and capable finance expert. Craig Alexander can assess the financial situation in any business quickly and come up with solutions to help the owners get where they are wanting to go and then steer the strategy through to success. A great guy to have on your team. 

Business Owner

Craig Alexander has deep experience in helping start-ups as well as SME's; everything from team building and strategy to business planning and fundraising. I have worked closely with him on several new-ventures projects and he is consistent, diligent, and always offers an objective yet pragmatic perspective. A solid team player for any senior finance related roles

Business Owner, Chairman of Various clients

I have worked with Craig Alexander on several projects over many years and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. He provides innovative financial advice utilising his extensive commercial experience and always focuses on the strategic goals of the project. He is very responsive, a good communicator, and is always prepared to work within deadlines to achieve the desired result in any particular scenario.

General Counsel for High Growth Company

I have known Craig Alexander for over 10 years, over that period I have always found Craig Alexander enthusiastic, knowledgeable and highly professional. He has the uncanny ability of taking complex concepts and challenges and communicating them in a straightforward and simple way

Regional Head, Major Bank

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